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Superblocks for 
Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefits

Create custom internal tools to find and retain talent, manage compensation, and ensure compliance - all while staying accurate and timely.

Manage data in HR faster with custom tools

  • Simplify the onboarding process

    Streamline the hiring process, from document collection to orientation schedules, with tools that ensure a smooth transition for new hires.

  • Elevate Benefits Administration

    Seamlessly integrate and manage diverse employee benefits packages for your customers and their employees with custom internal tools.

  • Streamline payroll operations

    Automate salary calculations, handle deductions, and generate payslips efficiently with tailored tools, reducing errors and saving time.

  • Build tools your workers love

    Retain the best talent and increase job satisfaction by providing your employees with beautiful tools that are fast and easy to use.

Streamline your operations with Superblocks

  • Human Resources

    Empowering businesses with efficient talent management solutions.

    • Automations for time-off requests, business travel, and onboarding

    • HR Analytics Dashboard

    • Employee Feedback Application

    • Event and Training Dashboard

    • Internal Job Postings Dashboard

  • Payroll Services

    Ensuring timely and accurate compensation for every employee.

    • Customer Billing Dashboard

    • Invoice Auditing Application

    • Regulatory Update Center

    • Time and Attendance Dashboard

    • Automations for notifying customers and employees

  • Employee Benefits

    Crafting comprehensive packages that value and retain talent.

    • Wellness and Health Programs Dashboard

    • Employee Feedback Application

    • Automations for sending out notifications and surveys

    • Benefits Compliance Checker

Rishub Kumar
Engineering Manager at Alchemy

Superblocks has saved us 100s of engineering hours on internal tools and reduced support ticket resolution time by over 50%.

Why CTOs choose Superblocks

Hastings Reeves
Business Intelligence 
Analytics Engineer at Velocity Global

We fetch data from multiple databases and APIs for use in our internal apps. With Superblocks, we can utilize this complex logic much more quickly and reduce maintenance burden compared to custom code.

Why Developers love Superblocks

  • All-in-one tooling platform

    With Superblocks, companies in Business HR, Payroll, and Benefits can build any type of tool.

  • Keep your data secure

    Build compliant tools leveraging the light-weight On-Premise Agent in Superblocks.

  • Manage users and roles

    Maintain regulatory compliance using Permissions, Audit Logs, and Single Sign-On.

  • Training and onboarding

    Onboard your internal teams quickly with regular Developer Support and Enterprise Training.

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