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#1 AI native low code application platform

Extend Infinitely with Custom Components

Bring any React component from the web or your codebase into Superblocks. Customize your internal apps without limits

Import any React component from the web

Use popular libraries like MaterialUI, AntDesign, Chakra UI, D3, Lodash, AnimeJS and more. Import with NPM, Yarn, PNPM, or any other package manager

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Bring any component from your codebase

Import components from your organization’s private registry and keep Superblocks apps up-to-date as your internal library evolves

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Build once. Reuse infinitely

Frontend developers build custom components once, enabling your whole team to use them across Superblocks apps without ever touching React

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Style with full DOM control

Add advanced animations, effects, popovers and more without iframe constraints. Style components with libraries like Tailwind CSS, Styled Components, Sass & more

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Develop seamlessly in your favorite IDE

Write TypeScript or JavaScript in VSCode or the IDE of your choice. View real-time changes in your app with hot reloading. Organize your project and bundle multiple files at build time

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