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Build. Secure. Deploy. Monitor.

Superblocks provides the building blocks to develop any custom internal application fast. Take advantage of your tools across the software development lifecycle you already love.





Infinite Extensibility with Code & AI


Build pixel-perfect UI. Configure your custom design system and leverage 100+ components

Choose from an extensive library of tables, charts, forms, maps, buttons and more that leverages your unique design system. Import any component from the web or your codebase.


Integrate any database, internal API or 3rd party SaaS

Superblocks has 50+ integration across databases, data warehouses, cloud file storage, LLMs, SaaS APIs and internal APIs. Never write integration code again.

AI Copilot

AI generation, human validation


Meet Clark, your AI Copilot

Ask AI Copilot to generate code and assemble UIs while you build visually.

Ask Clark how to build anything

Watch Clark debug any error


Get instant feedback, before production

Every commit generates a preview URL so you can get instant feedback tied directly to the UI itself.



Receive feedback from users directly on the live application.

Use GitHub or GitLab for version control

Review Pull Requests and integrate with existing CI/CD pipelines.


1-Click to deploy globally

When you deploy, we make it available instantly across 20+ global edge network caches for high availability and ultra-low latency so each of your global teams gets blazing fast performance.