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#1 AI native low code application platform

Workflows & Scheduled Jobs

Trigger or schedule workflows and jobs from code or existing services to execute any business logic, all on an infrastructure that scales automatically

Call workflows
from code

Call workflows programmatically as REST APIs. Integrate your existing codebase with workflows in minutes.

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Schedule any recurring tasks

Run jobs every minute, hour, day, week, or month, or use a custom schedule.

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Data warehouse, lake, or API

Connect to your data warehouse, data lake and AI models

Superblocks has 50+ integration across databases, data warehouses, cloud file storage, LLMs, SaaS APIs and more.

Build any business logic visually

Build complex business logic that looks and feels like code and scales elastically with on-demand cloud compute for optimal performance.

  • Integrate with any database or API

    Build on top of Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, S3, BigQuery, Salesforce, Zendesk, REST APIs and more.

  • Eliminate boilerplate logic

    Handle pagination, promises, parallelization, error handling and other common logic & control flow visually.

  • Extend infinitely with code

    Write Python and NodeJS to customize logic without limits. Import libraries like Pandas, Plotly, Lodash, or MomentJS.

  • Debug, test, and optimize with AI

    View traces to pinpoint errors and long-running operations, then use a context-aware AI assistant to resolve issues.

Review changes in GitHub or GitLab

Develop on feature branches, review changes in code, and deploy to a global edge network with a single click.

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Monitor with out-of-the-box observability

Monitor usage, errors, and performance using Datadog, New Relic, Splunk, or any other observability platform.

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