#1 AI native low code application platform

Embed into legacy apps & customer portals

Bring your app to where your users are. Accelerate time-to-market for new features while delivering a cohesive user-experience that fits your app's looks and feel perfectly.

Augment legacy internal apps

Add features to boost efficiency, instead of refactoring and untangling legacy code. Democratize development and let anyone contribute to your legacy app, no frontend knowledge required.

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Seamlessly extend customer portals

Rapidly deliver new features that open up new revenue streams. Perfectly match your brand identity and securely integrate with existing authentication.

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Embed directly in 3rd party SaaS apps

Boost productivity by bringing apps directly to where your team already works. Embedding apps into third-party apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, SAP and more.

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White-label your experience with Embed SDKs

  • Integrate with your existing authentication

    Say goodbye to multiple logins. With Superblocks Embedded Apps, users enjoy a single sign-on experience that’s integrated into your app’s existing authentication flow.

  • Match your brand style guide

    Ensure consistency across your platform. Embedded Apps match every element of your app’s look and feel, creating a beautiful UI with a seamless and cohesive visual identity.

  • Effortless 2-way communication

    Build dynamic and responsive user experiences. With custom events and properties, apps respond instantly to user actions, creating engaging experiences every time.

  • Securely manage permissions for any user

    Manage access with ease while infinitely customizing to fit your needs. Control access to features and functionality in Superblocks with your app’s existing permissions system.