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Superblocks for Data Teams

Build Data & AI apps fast

Superblocks is the fastest way for Data teams to build full-stack app using SQL and Python. No frontend experience required.

Python & SQL

Built for Python & SQL.
Zero frontend expertise required

Query data in SQL, transform in Python and drag-and-drop components to build powerful full-stack data application your team will love.


Connect to your data warehouse, data lake and AI models

Superblocks has 50+ integration across databases, data warehouses, cloud file storage, LLMs, SaaS APIs and more.


Configure your custom design system and leverage 100+ components

Choose from an extensive library of tables, charts, forms, maps, buttons and more that leverages your unique design system. Import any component from the web or your codebase.

AI applications

Deliver powerful AI applications, fast

Connect to any LLM, vector databases and data warehouses to unlock AI at your organization with the simplicity of low-code

Maintain data privacy, permissioning and security

Superblocks is built for bank-level data security and enterprise governance. Your data never leaves your VPC.

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