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Superblocks for Product

Accelerate your product roadmap

Ship next quarter’s roadmap this month. Product Managers can empower their teams with zero front-end experience to build apps, helping you get to market faster with a quicker feedback loop


Build and tweak apps with your eng team

Product Managers can tweak UI and content on-the-fly, without filing tickets for engineering. Drag-and-drop 100+ components to make your app pixel-perfect.


Connect your CRM, Helpdesk, Analytics and AI services in one place

Superblocks has 50+ integrations to build apps on top of your databases, data warehouses, APIs, LLMs and 3rd party SaaS tools


Deliver feedback early and often, before production

Superblocks gives Product Managers a dedicated preview URL for every feature, so you can verify changes and comment inline on UI.


Understand everything your users do, with built-in analytics

Superblocks automatically gives you detailed product analytics on every user, app and session. Pipe analytics events to Pendo, Amplitude, Mixpanel and more.