Build powerful internal applications

Skip React, HTML, and CSS. Drag and drop flexible components and connect to your databases and APIs to build beautiful internal apps in minutes.

Drag & drop flexible components

Create stunning, intuitive user interfaces with tables, charts, buttons, forms, slide-out panels, and more.

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Build any business logic visually

Build complex business logic that looks and feels like code and scales elastically with on-demand cloud compute for optimal performance.

  • Integrate with any database or API

    Build on top of Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, S3, BigQuery, Salesforce, Zendesk, REST APIs and more.

  • Eliminate boilerplate logic

    Handle pagination, promises, parallelization, error handling and other common logic & control flow visually.

  • Extend infinitely with code

    Write Python and NodeJS to customize logic without limits. Import libraries like Pandas, Plotly, Lodash, or MomentJS.

  • Debug, test, and optimize with AI

    View traces to pinpoint errors and long-running operations, then use a context-aware AI assistant to resolve issues.

Review changes in GitHub or GitLab

Develop on feature branches, review changes in code, and deploy to a global edge network with a single click.

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Secure access
with granular permissions

Restrict sensitive actions to trusted users and groups using role-based access controls.

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