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Superblocks for Software Engineers

Deliver internal apps fast, without the grunt work

Create beautiful UI, generate clean code, and deploy globally in one click. Extend infinitely with custom code.


Engineering Benefits

Automate away tedious engineering tasks

Stop wrangling HTML and CSS

Drag and drop 100+ components

Zero infra to manage

No infra knowledge required

Built-in authentication & authorization 

Eliminate complex auth infrastructure

Stop maintaining deployment scripts

1-click deployments, always reliable

Observability without instrumentation

Pipe events to Datadog, Splunk, and more

Eliminate browser compatibility work

Build once, use cross device & browser

Never worry about app performance

Automatic performance optimizations

Don’t lose sleep over incidents

99.9% uptime guaranteed

No dependency management

Free yourself from package upgrades


Integrate any database, internal API or 3rd party SaaS

Superblocks has 50+ integration across databases, data warehouses, cloud file storage, LLMs, SaaS APIs and more. Import any OpenAPI spec.


Democratize development, centralize governance

Enterprises use Superblocks to deliver custom operational software at blazing speed, while meeting increasingly stringent security, compliance, scalability, and uptime requirements.