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Save 100s of developer hours building custom internal tools

Superblocks is a programmable IDE for developers to build any internal app, workflow or scheduled job at a fraction of the time and cost. Ship next month's roadmap this week.

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Build tools 10x faster for a fraction of the cost

Quickly build apps, workflows & jobs connected to your data. Secure with Granular Permissions (RBAC), SSO, Audit Logs and Secrets Management in seconds. Deploy with Git and monitor production. Extend anything with code

Superblocks platform diagram

Create beautiful interfaces without frontend expertise

No need to learn React, HTML or CSS. Drag and drop components, connect them to data and make your app dynamic by triggering APIs

Table Component
Display data in columns with rich formatting options for dates, currencies, numbers, pills and conditional coloring. Choose client or server-side pagination and take action with inline buttons
Grid Component
Repeat a group of components to build a search results page, list of orders or gallery of images. Grids make these interfaces effortless.

Automate any workflow. Schedule any job

Integrate data from databases, SaaS applications, internal APIs and add business logic in code. Trigger Workflows by issuing API calls or schedule jobs every minute, hour, day or week

When a new support ticket is created

Read & write to production databases

Securely connect your database and query it with SQL. Reference parameters from the request
Query Postgres

Call any internal or 3rd party API

Use our Postman-like interface to call any REST, GraphQL or gRPC endpoints
Integration with Zendesk

Query your data warehouse

Read from Snowflake, Redshift or BigQuery and join with any other datasources
Query Snowflake

Write custom business logic

Implement functions to aggregate and transform in the language of your choice. Import any dependencies you need
Write Python Code

Query your cloud object store

Upload and manage files from any S3 buckets, Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage
Manage S3 Buckets

Send notifications to your team

Send Slack messages, emails or SMS
Send Message to Slack

Built by developers, for developers

Superblocks is built ground-up to be extensible with code on both the frontend UI components and backend APIs, providing you with endless customizability

Extend Components with Javascript

Every Superblocks Component field can be extended by writing JS. Import any React component.
View docs
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Use any Language, Import any Library

Import any library such as Pandas and Plotly in Python or Lodash and Moment in JavaScript
View docs

Debug with Logs and Metrics

View logs and errors inline as you build and integrate with Datadog, New Relic and Splunk for production observability
View docs

Deploy with Version Control and Env Support

Create versions, review code diffs, rollback and deploy to environments in 1-click. Integrate with Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket.
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Designed for maximum security

Superblocks is as secure and flexible as building your own internal tools from scratch, designed to meet complex compliance requirements

Granular Permissions and Groups

Create permission groups to lock down access to any app, workflow, job or integration. Programmatically control permissions
View docs

Audit Logging for Compliance

View an audit trail of everything your end users do for compliance investigations
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Single Sign-On & Multi-Factor Auth

Securely authenticate your users with Google, Okta, Active Directory or custom SAML/OpenID providers
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Secure Secrets Management

Ensure your database and API credentials are secure by connecting to your secrets management solution
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Choose Superblocks cloud or on-prem agent

Run our lightweight on-prem agent in docker to ensure customer data never leaves your network.

View On-Prem Agent

Break down silos, integrate with anything

Connect to databases, 3rd party apps, internal APIs via REST, GraphQL or gRPC. Join and transform data in one place

Google Cloud
Google Sheets

Loved by fast-paced engineering teams

Boyko Karadzhov

Co-Founder & CTO at Payhawk

Superblocks has quickly become the internal tooling backbone for our engineering team, replacing postman processes and enabling our Support team to manage customer requests for thousands of customers efficiently.


Shoaib Makani

Co-Founder & CEO at Motive

Superblocks provides the mission critical internal tooling infrastructure that allowed us to launch our new fleet credit card product in record time. Changing our tooling on-the-fly as the business evolves is invaluable.


Ofer Herman

Co-Founder & CTO at Papaya Global

As CTO of a high growth operationally intensive business, we chose Superblocks because it was simple to deploy, billed by usage and intuitive for our engineering teams to build a suite of tooling for our global partner network.


Arsalan Siddiqui

Director of Engineering at Clearco

Superblocks is ideal for Fintech companies where KYC, fraud and risk are critical tooling areas that evolve weekly. The on-prem agent is a unique low-overhead solution to keep our customer data within our VPC.


Rishub Kumar

Software Engineer at Alchemy

We use Superblocks for usage monitoring dashboards and customer Slack reporting that our team checks every morning. The on-premise agent is critical to secure our customer data as a high growth Web3 company.


Apoorva Mehta

Founder at Instacart

Superblocks gives engineering teams wings! Teams can focus on things that require their unique expertise while letting Superblocks handle the rest. It's an excellent tool especially for operationally intensive businesses where efficiency is paramount.


James Tamplin

Co-Founder & CEO, Firebase

Developer hours are one of your most precious resources. Firebase saved you from coding a backend. Superblocks is an equally huge unlock allowing developers to save and reallocate their time away from internal tools and towards making your external core product amazing.


Ryan Fox

VP Engineering at Snapcommerce

Superblocks saves Snapcommerce developers significant time building custom internal tools to support engineering and operations team productivity, allowing us to focus on core logic and scaling our business.


Avlok Kohli

CEO at AngelList

Superblocks enables backend developers to write custom frontends without learning React, HTML and CSS. Startups who build on Superblocks can reallocate much of their internal engineering time to revenue-generating products, forming a real competitive advantage where speed is everything.


Nima Gardideh

CTO at Pearmill

Superblocks replaced Retool, Mode Analytics and Google Cloud Scheduler all while saving us money. Consolidating our tooling in one place has been a game-changer for engineering productivity.


Ben Aneesh

Co-Founder & CTO at Cover

As an insurance business, we rely heavily on Superblocks to build mission-critical internal tooling and save time twice – up front in less engineering effort and continuously through increased Support Agent productivity.

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Accelerate KYC & Underwriting
Build a custom tool to onboard new clients with high efficiency and accuracy, consolidating KYC, Underwriting, and credit approval all in one place for your Support team
Manage accounts & credit cards
Efficiently & securely manage customer accounts with sensitive operations like increasing credit card limit, freezing stolen cards, cancelling & issuing a new card.
Enhance AML & Fraud monitoring
Enhance your AML transactions monitoring by enabling your operations team to view all fraud risk transactions and freeze suspected accounts in 1-click.
Financial Risk, Credit & KYC
Build custom KYC, Compliance, AML, and credit approval tools to enable robust support processes to increase the velocity of your Support team
Database Admin Panel
Stop wrestling with CLIs. Quickly build admin panels for your datastores to read, write, and update your customer data with Tables, Forms and Charts.
eCommerce Order Management
Deploy tools for your Support and Operations teams to process refunds, manage inventory and warehouse, track revenue, and chart customer growth.
DevOps Deployment Tracking
Track deployment status and monitor version as they’re deployed to production from a single pane of glass. Read/write to any deployment system you use.
SaaS Customer 360
Create a single view of the customer by connecting data from Salesforce, Postgres, Zendesk and more. Enable your Customer Success team with the data they need to operate in real-time
Content Management System
Build a custom CMS that maps seamlessly to your Marketing or Support teams unique workflows
Insurance Claim Management
Manage claims in one place across your internal APIs, databases and 3rd party systems to enable Support Agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences