Build modern internal apps in days, not months

Accelerate development with low-code building blocks and 1-click deployments. Reduce the manual burden on your Customer Operations and Support teams. Eliminate IT sprawl from spreadsheets, scripts & legacy tools with modern apps secured by permissions, audit logs & SSO.

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Industry leader

G2 Leader in Low-Code Development Platform

Superblocks is recognized as a Leader by G2 in Low-Code Development Platform with high satisfaction scores and market presence scores.


Industry use cases

For operationally intensive businesses in regulated industries

Seamlessly monitor transactions to identify and prevent fraud in real-time, protecting financial assets and mitigating losses.

Review credit applications, loans, reimbursement claims, and transfers to expedite customer access to funds.

Easily spin up new compliant tools to drive business efficiency in the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Consolidate patient records, lab results, scheduling, and more to improve care quality and efficiency.

Automate training, compliance verification, and system access for swift and compliant provider onboarding.

Expedite sample tracking and enforce lab protocols for for safer, more effective research and testing.

Keep patient data in your VPC and granularly control user access to maintain HIPAA compliance at scale.

Track key adoption metrics, automate customer communications, and identify and mitigate churn risk.

Enable operations teams to provision licenses, upgrade accounts, and manage billing information.

Leverage data to prioritize your product roadmap, identify power-users, and operationalize product insights.

Empower customer success to seamlessly manage contacts, explore usage data, submit feature requests, and more.

Combine billing, warehouse, and shipping data to view and manage orders in real-time.

Enable support to easily update account information, provide status updates, and issue refunds or credits.

Empower ops teams to update inventory, automate restocks, estimate lead times, and manage supply chain details.

Tailor shopping experiences with AI-driven recommendations,
run A/B tests, and promote products and campaigns.


Democratize development, centralize governance

Enterprises use Superblocks to deliver custom operational software at blazing speed, while meeting increasingly stringent security, compliance, scalability, and uptime requirements.