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Build secure internal apps in days, not months

Accelerate development with low-code building blocks and 1-click deployments. Reduce the manual burden on your Customer Operations and Support teams. Eliminate IT sprawl from spreadsheets, scripts & legacy tools with modern apps secured by permissions, audit logs & SSO.

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One Unified Platform

Get to production 3x faster. Standardize data and access control.

Build & deploy apps

Drag & drop UI
Version Control
1-click deploy
Extend with code
Embedded Apps

Secure data and access

Permissions (RBAC)
Audit Logs

Drag & drop components

Drag & Drop ComponentsChoose from a library of 100+ native Superblocks components to assemble pixel-perfect user interfaces quickly. Extend any component with JavaScript or import any React component.

Integrate any database or API

Securely authenticate to any production database, data warehouse or API. Ensure PII never leaves your VPC with the Superblocks Agent.

Git Version Control

Collaborate using your existing GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket or Azure repository to manage version control, branching and code reviews. Match your existing software development lifecycle.

1-click Deploy

Superblocks handles the CI/CD process as you promote changes safely through Dev, Staging and Production. Add custom environments such as QA or UAT to match your software development lifecycle perfectly.


Send metrics, traces and logs to your existing Observability vendors such as Datadog, Splunk, New Relic, Sumo Logic, Grafana, Prometheus or more via OpenTelemery.

Extend with React, Python and JS

Superblocks apps are just code. You can change it or extend it by importing any React components, JS libraries or Python packages.

Embedded Applications

Use the Superblocks SDK in React, Angular or JS to seamlessly embed apps into existing intenal or external portals. Connect your existing authentation and match your brand perfectly.

Permissions (RBAC / ABAC)

Centrally manage org-wide permissioning at the integration, app, component and code-level. Configure custom roles and permissions. Integrate groups via SSO/SCIM and leverage Policy-as-code.

Audit Logging

Meet compliance requirements with audit logs for every user action within Superblocks apps. Customize log format and tags. Store audit logs in Superblocks or stream to your database or SIEM.  

Self-host with the Superblocks Agent

Ensure your data never leaves your VPC to meet stringent InfoSec requirements. Deploy the Superblocks agent in 5 mins via Docker or K8s. Supports multi-region and multi-cloud environements.


Connect to Okta, Active Directory and Google SSO. Sync groups via SCIM and use those groups to manage user and data access to standardize within your enterprise.

Platform overview

The next generation development platform to build, secure, deploy and monitor applications 10x faster

G2 Leader

Customers rate Superblocks the G2 Leader in Low-Code Development Platforms


Enterprise reliability

Enterprise reliability and scale you can count on

99.9% Uptime

Deploy apps to a global edge network for low-latency performance and fault tolerance

Live Engineering Support

Get help architecting your Superblocks applications with Solutions Architects in the US and Europe.

Scale multi-region & multi-cloud

Deploy the Superblocks agent securely within 1 or many clouds and regions to support your business globally.

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Industry use cases

Use templates to ship your first app today

Seamlessly monitor transactions to identify and prevent fraud in real-time, protecting financial assets and mitigating losses.

Review credit applications, loans, reimbursement claims, and transfers to expedite customer access to funds.

Easily spin up new compliant tools to drive business efficiency in the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Consolidate patient records, lab results, scheduling, and more to improve care quality and efficiency.

Automate training, compliance verification, and system access for swift and compliant provider onboarding.

Expedite sample tracking and enforce lab protocols for for safer, more effective research and testing.

Keep patient data in your VPC and granularly control user access to maintain HIPAA compliance at scale.

Track key adoption metrics, automate customer communications, and identify and mitigate churn risk.

Enable operations teams to provision licenses, upgrade accounts, and manage billing information.

Leverage data to prioritize your product roadmap, identify power-users, and operationalize product insights.

Empower customer success to seamlessly manage contacts, explore usage data, submit feature requests, and more.

Combine billing, warehouse, and shipping data to view and manage orders in real-time.

Enable support to easily update account information, provide status updates, and issue refunds or credits.

Empower ops teams to update inventory, automate restocks, estimate lead times, and manage supply chain details.

Tailor shopping experiences with AI-driven recommendations,
run A/B tests, and promote products and campaigns.

The latest from our blog

Jack Perales
Jesse Shatsky
Saksham Sachdev
Ahmet Kucuk
Alex Diachenko

Multiple authors

Jul 2, 2024

Introducing Superblocks Multi-Page Apps: Build complex enterprise admin suites

Most enterprises depend on comprehensive, multi-functional administrative suites to support their internal workflows and critical business operations. For example, a payments-focused FinTech company might want a single application for support and ops teams to handle customer onboarding operations, underwrite customers, manage transactions, and respond to support requests.‍These applications typically span many pages, each serving distinct operational workflows and teams. This segmentation enhances user experience and productivity, but often results in increased maintenance burden as the application continues to grow.‍Although businesses often look to low-code to accelerate the development of internal tools and reduce maintenance burden, these platforms are often designed for building single-purpose applications. Consequently, end users often have to switch between different tools, limiting their ability to serve customers efficiently and effectively. ‍

Superblocks Team

Multiple authors

Jul 9, 2024

Velocity Global: Leading Employer of Record provider achieves efficiencies in time to market, scale, and cost savings with Superblocks

EOR provider Velocity Global is leading the future of borderless work by helping organizations onboard global talent in more than 185 countries. The company offers a full spectrum of HR and payroll solutions, including talent acquisition, payroll administration, benefits management, and vacation time oversight, all while ensuring the highest compliance standards and strict adherence to local governmental regulations.

Jack Perales
Eric Anderson
Mark Hetherington
Alex Liu

Multiple authors

May 8, 2024

Introducing Superblocks Layouts: Build responsive, consistent, and pixel-perfect UIs with zero frontend experience

Creating these dynamic experiences DIY requires front-end developers to leverage complex, often difficult-to-use layout modes such as CSS Grid and Flexbox. While low-code development platforms offer more simplicity via drag-and-drop application builders, these tools are often limited to building static, inflexible interfaces.