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Superblocks on Amazon Web Services

Build powerful and scalable internal tooling without data ever leaving your Amazon cloud environment.

Deploy Superblocks in your AWS environment. Integrate seamlessly with AWS services such as S3, DynamoDB, and RDS while keeping all customer data securely inside your network.

Keep customer data in network

Ensure data from APIs and databases within your network never leaves

Deploy in minutes

Use Docker or Kubernetes to deploy the agent in minutes locally, on staging or prod

Stateless and lightweight

No migrations, no headaches. Our agents are designed for minimal operational overhead

Horizontal scalability

Spin up agent on-demand as you scale, we'll automatically load balance traffic

Open source and auditable

Let your security team audit and build from the source code to verify compliance standards are met

Extend with code

Allow your developers to write extensions to connect custom or legacy systems

Case Studies

“Superblocks has saved us 100s of engineering hours on internal tools and reduced support ticket resolution time by 50%.”

"Implementing Superblocks has streamlined our workflow, cutting development time for internal tools in half and boosting customer satisfaction."

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