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Superblocks is deeply committed to security, which is woven into the fabric of our operations, products, and services. We prioritize confidentiality, integrity, and availability to safeguard information.


Superblocks deeply values the trust of our clients, partners, and stakeholders. To keep this trust, we are firmly committed to high compliance standards, focusing on data security, availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

SOC 2 Type II

Superblocks has successfully undergone a thorough SOC 2 Type II audit by a trusted independent third party, confirming that our product, infrastructure, and policies meet the rigorous standards for SOC2 compliance.

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Superblocks is HIPAA compliant and can support HIPAA customers with a properly executed Business Associate Agreement. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires appropriate safeguards to protect the privacy of PHI.

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Our dedicated security team is committed to addressing your concerns with the highest level of priority and care.

Core security principles

Superblocks employs stringent security protocols, including regular audits and promoting a security-aware culture, to safeguard customer information from evolving threats. We restrict data access, secure data both in transit and at rest, and proactively monitor and address security alerts.

Limited access

We subscribe to the principle of least privilege. Access to sensitive information is limited to only authorized personnel.

Encryption everywhere

We encrypt all data in transit using TLS 1.3 and data at rest using AES-256.

24/7 Monitoring and alerting

Superblocks on-call engineers monitor our production environment and respond to issues in real time.

Security is a journey

We always strive to improve security, recognizing it as a critical, never-ending endeavor.

Security features

Our enhanced security suite includes unified access control for centralizing governance and auditing. The agent is fully open-source and can be self-hosted for maximum data security.

Keep your data in your network

Self-host an agent to keep all of your data inside your network/VPC. Superblocks will never have access to your data. For more information please see our On-Premise Agent (OPA) documentation.

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"Superblocks has quickly become the internal tooling backbone for our engineering team, replacing postman processes and enabling our Support team to manage customer requests for thousands of customers efficiently."

Boyko Karadzhov
Co-Founder & CTO

"As CTO of a high growth operationally intensive business, we chose Superblocks because it was simple to deploy, billed by usage and intuitive for our engineering teams to build a suite of tooling for our global partner network."

Ofer Herman
Co-Founder & CTO

"Superblocks has saved us 100s of engineering hours on internal tools and reduced support ticket resolution time by 50%."

Rishub Kumar
Internal Tools Lead

"Superblocks is ideal for Fintech companies where KYC, fraud and risk are critical tooling areas that evolve weekly. The on-prem agent is a unique low-overhead solution to keep our customer data within our VPC."

Arsalan Siddiqui
Director of Engineering

“With Superblocks, we quickly built business critical tools to enable our front-line operations teams to handle billing inquiries and onboard hospitals 70% faster, while keeping Engineering focused on building our core product.”

Steve Kania
SVP of Product & Engineering

“We built apps on Superblocks for Support teams to troubleshoot our enterprise AI platform without involving Engineering. As a result, we can resolve customer issues faster, increase adoption, and deliver a superior chatbot experience.”

Rubab Uddin
Customer Engineering Lead

"Superblocks replaced Retool, Mode Analytics and Google Cloud Scheduler all while saving us money. Consolidating our tooling in one place has been a game-changer for engineering productivity."

Nima Gardideh

"Traditionally, setting up per-study instances of trials can take Clinical Research Organizations 15+ weeks. By combining our in-house technology with internal tooling powered by Superblocks, we’re able to reduce that to less than 5 weeks."

Luke Bogus
Head of Product

"As an insurance business, we rely heavily on Superblocks to build mission-critical internal tooling and save time twice – up front in less engineering effort and continuously through increased Support Agent productivity."

Ben Asheesh
Co-Founder & CTO

"Look. We are spending tons of €€€ on Zapier and such since day 1, but Superblocks here is already a complete game changer for us."

Marius Simon
Co-Founder & CTO

"Superblocks saves Super developers significant time building custom internal tools to support engineering and operations team productivity, allowing us to focus on core logic and scaling our business."

Ryan Fox
VP Engineering

"Superblocks is the missing piece that allows us to add UIs on top of our existing Rockset queries in just minutes without learning new JavaScript frameworks. We can iterate on these just as fast, giving our team access to the data they need for improving client engagements in the field."

Patrick Druley
Solutions Engineering Director

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