Keep sensitive data
secure inside your network

Securely connect to production databases and APIs in minutes. Get all the security benefits of on-prem software without increasing cost of ownership or management effort.

Hybrid architecture for maximum security

Keep customer data secure by running the agent in your network. The Superblocks platform stays up-to-date from the cloud, so you have the best of both worlds.

  • Secure data in your network

    Ensure sensitive data from APIs and databases within your network never leaves.

  • Deploy in minutes

    Use Docker or Kubernetes to deploy the agent in minutes locally, on staging, or in production.

  • Avoid operational overhead

    Stateless means no dedicated infrastructure, database migrations, or scheduled downtime for upgrades.

  • Maximize performance

    Horizontally scale agents on-demand, with automatic load balancing for maximum throughput and performance.

  • Audit and extend source code

    Perform security scans and audits on the open-source agent code. Write extensions to connect custom or legacy systems.

  • Get the latest features, immediately

    The Superblocks platform is served from the cloud, so you always get the latest features in your editor without upgrading.