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Kevin Katzke

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April 25, 2023

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The release of ChatGPT, a large language model trained by OpenAI, has revolutionized how companies use generative AI technology by significantly improving the quality of complex language generation. But it’s stayed at the API layer, and building powerful AI-powered applications to increase business value while controlling costs and engineering prompts is a new set of problems for engineering teams to tackle.

Today we’re announcing a deep generative AI integration with OpenAI where Superblocks provides a simple layer on top of every OpenAI API and model so you can ship any AI-powered internal tooling experience in minutes.  

Streamline OpenAI usability with effortless prompt engineering and cost control

Access every OpenAI API with the latest models and simple forms

Don’t worry about understanding complicated API Reference Docs and handling hyperparameters in code. With Superblocks, users have access to every API through an easy-to-understand and well-designed user interface. Start generating text and code using GPT-4, transcribe audio files to text via the Whisper model, generate images from prompts, and more in a few simple clicks.

Effortless prompt engineering

Prompt Engineering, the method of effectively communicating with a Large Language Model (LLM), has emerged as one of the most critical skills for companies seeking to leverage generative AI. Integrating user data captured in the frontend of applications, as well as data coming from different data sources, into an OpenAI prompt can be challenging. However, with Superblocks, any data can be referenced using variables in code right within the Prompt and System Instruction fields, making prompt engineering more accessible to developers.

Cost optimization via static or dynamic token limits

The ChatGPT API can be expensive, particularly if generating a large number of tokens for language processing or other tasks. However, with Superblocks, cost control can be quickly implemented by setting token limits for each request, effectively controlling the maximum spend and avoiding unexpected overages. This makes it simpler to manage costs and ensure that AI-powered tools remain within budget.

Enabling custom AI-powered applications across every industry

Generate personalized emails at scale for SaaS

With GPT-4's powerful email generation capabilities and Superblocks’ seamless integration with data sources such as Salesforce, Marketo, and Zendesk, you can create business apps for highly personalized outbound campaigns that are directly connected to your customer data, accelerating your SDR team’s efforts.

Build AI Copilots for support for Insurance

Use GPT-4 as your Copilot when generating responses for customer tickets as a Customer Success and Support team. Ask the AI to analyze customer claims and draft replies to speed up the customer support process, providing a faster and better support experience for your customers.

In the use case below, a Customer Support Agent in the Insurance industry uses GPT-4 to analyze submitted claims data and detect irregularities that could indicate fraudulent claims:

Generate high-conversion ad campaigns for E-Commerce

GPT-4 is the most popular and powerful AI model, you can ask GPT-4 to generate ad headlines and descriptions specific to each ad platform. In the example below, an E-commerce company has built a custom app to quickly generate ads across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Convert audio to text for Healthcare

Leverage OpenAI’s powerful Whisper API for accurate audio transcription. In the App below, a Healthcare company can convert audio files into text using AI in Superblocks to improve productivity by generating medical codes using a doctor’s appointment voice notes and sent directly to the insurance company for billing.

Summarize text and send to Slack

With OpenAI API's text and code summarization in Superblocks you can improve response times and communication efficiency by summarizing lengthy customer tickets or Git commit messages with GPT-4. In the example below, an engineering team can stay on top of the latest commits to a Github repository with AI-powered Scheduled Jobs that deliver summaries to your Slack channels. Start your day right and make the most of your time with Superblocks.

Generate code

Leverage GPT-4 for code generation and help internal teams generate code and queries with ease. For example, analysts can use AI-powered code generation in Superblocks to generate SQL queries from natural language. This allows the teams to focus on analyzing data and driving business value instead of spending hours writing complex SQL queries.

Enterprise-grade security around AI built-in

Easily share your AI-powered applications with your organization using granular Role-Based-Access-Control (RBAC), use Audit Logs and Observability to identify errors quickly, allow internal users to access Apps via Single-Sign-On, manage roles and users using System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM), and use the Superblocks On-premise Agent to protect your sensitive data.

Start building AI-powered internal tools with Superblocks today

Learn more about Superblocks’ AI capabilities in a tutorial that shows you how to build a fintech support application integrated with the Zendesk API and powered by OpenAI's generative AI capabilities Tutorial - Fintech Support Application Powered by OpenAI.

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Kevin Katzke

Multiple authors

Dec 13, 2023