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Superblocks for Executives

Democratize development,
centralize governance

Empower Junior Engineers, Data teams, and IT to become skilled full-stack developers overnight. Deliver custom internal apps to drive efficiency and eliminate shadow IT.

G2 Leader

Customers rate Superblocks the G2 Leader in Low-Code Development Platforms


Why leading CIOs and CTOs choose Superblocks

Get to market faster

Empower junior devs, data and IT teams to build apps fast without frontend skills

Drive operational efficiency

Build apps that enable your revenue to scale, without adding headcount

Centralize Governance

Get SSO, SCIM, RBAC and Audit Logging on every app for control & compliance

Shadow IT

Eliminate shadow IT. Enable governance

Superblocks provides an application governance layer so IT can ensure RBAC, SSO, Audit logging and compliance on every application in your environment

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Generative AI

Adopt AI sooner than your competition

Deliver AI applications faster with low-code by connecting any LLM and Vector database. Ensure your organization is agnostic to AI vendors, so you can swap them easily and keep up with a fast-moving market