Save 100s of developer hours building custom internal tools

Superblocks is a programmable IDE for developers to build internal tools.

  • Create APIs with Python using Numpy, Pandas and SciPy
  • Build apps with drag & drop UI builder
  • No infrastructure, frameworks, HTML or CSS required

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Build tools 10x faster for a fraction of the cost

Quickly build apps, workflows & jobs connected to your data. Secure with Granular Permissions (RBAC), SSO, Audit Logs and Secrets Management in seconds. Deploy with Git and monitor production. Extend anything with code

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Connect your data with Integrations

Integrate with any databases, SaaS applications or internal APIs to query data from anywhere.

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Write business logic in Code

Write Python or JavaScript to execute your business logic. Import any dependencies you need.

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Drag and Drop Data Viz

Create the perfect user interface using pre-built charts, tables and buttons. No React or web framework is required.

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