Superblocks 48 hour Hackathon

Find out if Superblocks is a fit in 24-48 hours with unlimited support from Superblocks Engineering to ship your first use case

Hackathon Benefits

  • Unlimited support from Superblocks Engineering via a shared Slack channel and Zoom
  • 45 min hands-on lab to accelerate onboarding via Zoom
  • Deploy your first App, Workflow or Job into Production before purchasing
  • Unlimited usage during the hackathon

Apoorva Mehta


"Superblocks gives engineering teams wings! Teams can focus on things that require their unique expertise while letting Superblocks handle the rest. It's an excellent tool especially for operationally intensive businesses where efficiency is paramount."



Arsalan Siddiqui

Director of Engineering

"Superblocks is ideal for Fintech companies where KYC, fraud and risk are critical tooling areas that evolve weekly. The on-prem agent is a unique low-overhead solution to keep our customer data within our VPC."



Ofer Herman

Co-Founder & CTO

"As CTO of a high growth operationally intensive business, we chose Superblocks because it was simple to deploy, billed by usage and intuitive for our engineering teams to build a suite of tooling for our global partner network."