2023 Superblocks Recap

The Superblocks Team

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January 4, 2024

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2023 was a year of enormous growth for Superblocks. We’re fortunate to have amazing customers who provide the highest quality feedback and push us to innovate, and we take great pride in rapidly delivering features they love. Here’s a recap of major new releases from 2023 across the core product, components, integrations, security, and developer experience as well as top content. We look forward to blazing into 2024!

Headline features


New components

Component improvements


Developer experience

Security and deployment

G2 badges

Check out Superblocks' reviews on G2 to read what our customers have to say and see why Superblocks is consistently a high performer.

New partnerships

We're delighted to have launched official partnerships with several major complementary tech companies. Learn more about our partnerships with:

Top Content

Case studies

  • Gateway Private Markets: Revolutionizing transaction management with Superblocks
  • Vial: Delivering clinical trials 3x faster with Superblocks
  • Moveworks: Supporting an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform at scale



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The Superblocks Team

Multiple authors

Dec 13, 2023