Superblocks partners with Confluent to redefine streaming app development

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February 6, 2024

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At Superblocks, we're out to revolutionize how developers build internal tools by providing innovative solutions that simplify, expedite, and reduce the costs associated with traditional development. Today, we are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with Confluent Cloud, a company founded by the creators of Apache Kafka®, which is set to transform how developers build real-time streaming applications.

Our collaboration with Confluent represents a game-changing moment in application development. By combining Superblocks' low-code platform with Confluent's expertise in real-time streaming technologies, we're unlocking, for the first time, the ability for developers to create real-time streaming applications – with minimal code. Our combined solution seeks to accelerate innovation and lets organizations harness the full power of their real-time data while reducing development costs and timelines.

The value of real-time applications

Real-time data is at the core of modern application development. It lets applications receive and process data as it's generated, leading to exceptional user experiences and apps that instantly let employees act on data insights.

To meet the growing demand for streaming technology, Confluent developed Confluent Cloud, a fully managed cloud-native platform designed to make it easy to create, manage, and use Kafka in the Cloud. With Confluent Cloud, developers can quickly create real-time event pipelines without complex infrastructure setup and management.

However, building streaming apps on top of this real-time data is still costly and time-consuming. Developers must have specialized knowledge of WebSockets, HTTP2, Server-Sent Events, and more to build streaming applications.

Through our partnership with Confluent, we're redefining how real-time streaming applications are built. Instead of learning streaming concepts, developers can focus on creating mission-critical applications that power the enterprise.

Your Confluent data powering Superblocks apps

With the Superblocks Confluent Integration, developers can easily plug into existing Kafka topics hosted on Confluent Cloud. Streaming blocks in backend APIs let developers easily send and receive data from Confluent without any specialized knowledge of streaming protocols or technology. APIs are then seamlessly integrated with an application UI using Superblocks’ drag-and-drop UI builder. Application components animate and automatically update as real-time data is streamed from Confluent, making sure users always have the latest data to drive real-time insights and decisions.

Empower stakeholders from across the enterprise by integrating Confluent and Superblocks to build real-time streaming applications.

  • CTOs and Data Leaders can extract greater value from investments in Confluent Cloud streaming technologies faster at a lower cost as their teams develop more streaming apps at a higher velocity
  • Developers are empowered to build streaming apps without specialized knowledge of streaming or frontend frameworks, broadening the skillset of developers across organizations
  • Business users get access to real-time insights within internal tools, enabling them to make more informed decisions and provide a superior customer experience

A new era for real-time streaming app development

Our partnership with Confluent signifies a new era in real-time data integration and application development. We're excited to continue empowering developers and organizations to harness the power of data for transformative outcomes.

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the possibilities offered by our collaboration with Confluent. We'll be sharing more insights, case studies, and tutorials to help you make the most of this groundbreaking partnership.

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The Superblocks Team

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Dec 13, 2023