Introducing Superblocks AI

Frank Greco Jr

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June 27, 2023

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In recent months, developers have been adopting AI to accelerate their time to ship products and focus on higher leverage coding tasks.

Today, we're introducing a major evolution in our mission of helping developers build powerful internal tools fast – Superblocks AI. Superblocks AI gives you powerful code generation, explanation, performance optimization, and mock data generation capabilities from a simple prompt, helping you deliver enterprise-ready internal tools that elevate your operations. And it works magically with SQL, Python, JavaScript, JSON, HTML, and more.

Generate Code with AI

Generating code from a prompt is most useful when developers need assistance with unfamiliar languages or writing boilerplate queries, data transformations, or business logic. 

Simply provide a prompt and Superblocks AI will create code snippets for you with the context of your Superblocks application or data source schema. The response is streamed instantly mirroring the popularized Chat-GPT experience, allowing you to inspect and modify the generated code before inserting it into the desired field.

Explain Code with AI

A critical part of development is understanding the code you're working with, often written by another developer. With Superblocks AI you can highlight code and get concise explanations helping you quickly understand the purpose, functionality, or potential issues within your code. Superblocks AI aims to provide clear and concise explanations, enhancing your code comprehension and streamlining your development process​.

Edit Code with AI

Superblocks AI’s code editing capability enables users to make alterations to their existing code simply by highlighting it and either choosing one of the suggested prompts for Optimize Performance, Add Comments, Format Code, or simply writing a custom prompt of their own. An inline diff view is provided in the preview, making it easy to verify changes.

Generate 3rd party API calls with AI

Superblocks AI can generate REST and GraphQL steps that query 3rd party APIs for you. Whether you’re querying Stripe for payments, Salesforce for opportunities, Zendesk for tickets, or AWS for EC2 instances, by providing a prompt, Superblocks AI automatically generates the correct call with the appropriate endpoint, parameters, headers, and body. This takes into account the specificities and conventions of various APIs, reducing the potential for errors and often skipping the need to read tedious API documentation.

Generate mock data with AI 

Superblocks AI mock data generation is a game-changer for fast UI development, enabling developers to rapidly build the frontend on data that closely resembles real-world scenarios without needing to integrate with APIs. It enables users to generate personalized mock data for various purposes, such as populating components like Tables, Charts, Grids, Chat interfaces, iFrames, and more.

Upskill your team and ship internal tools fast with Superblocks AI

Superblocks AI equips a diverse set of teams to write better, more performant applications, regardless of skill level: 

  • Developers utilize Superblocks AI to write, optimize, and explain code performance in Python and JavaScript 
  • Product Managers use Superblocks AI to generate mock data to quickly build the frontend on simulated data without needing to hook into APIs
  • Data Teams use Superblocks AI to write high-performance SQL queries and Python data transformations against their data warehouse, making analysis a breeze 

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Frank Greco Jr

Multiple authors

Dec 13, 2023