Introducing Source Control in Superblocks: Git-based version control & branching

Kris Harbold
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Alex Diachenko
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Cheng Tan
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December 13, 2023

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Software development teams rely on version control systems, like Git, to help collaborate effectively, manage changes over time, and facilitate an efficient software development process. While many low-code and no-code platforms are built for simple apps and business users, Superblocks is built for the developer, where modern software development practices are paramount to effectively build and manage complex mission-critical internal software.  

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Git-based Source Control in Superblocks! By seamlessly integrating with popular version control systems like GitHub, GitLab, and soon Bitbucket, developers can now manage and track changes using Git. Source Control lets teams of developers collaborate to build, iterate, and ship changes to Superblocks tools more safely and quickly than ever before.


Collaborate seamlessly on branches

Internal tools are rarely built by just one developer at a time. Now, developers can access branches in Superblocks. Use branches to fix bugs without halting new feature development, develop multiple features in parallel, and experiment with new feature ideas without blocking development.

Track and compare changes effortlessly

Get complete visibility into the evolution of your apps, workflows, and scheduled jobs. Navigate through past versions, compare changes, and understand the context behind modifications. Every change you make is tracked using Git. With detailed change histories, developers save time getting up to speed on code, share knowledge more efficiently, and quickly track down and revert issues introduced to code.

Elevate code quality with code reviews

Get feedback faster than ever before. Open a PR in your Git repository to review your application’s code. Make updates with code suggestions, or push new changes from your local machine. Changes sync back to Superblocks automatically with a continuous integration workflow. Share Branch Preview links with stakeholders to get feedback quickly. Previews update with every commit so any team member can easily weigh in and review updates.

Iterate faster and catch issues earlier to improve the quality, usability, and reliability of your internal applications.


Release with confidence

Only release changes once they’re ready for prime time. Changes can stay on a branch till they’ve been thoroughly tested, code reviewed, and signed off on by stakeholders without impacting the release of other changes. Once changes are ready to release, simply merge and deploy. Never worry again about unsafe changes being accidentally deployed to end-users.

Simplified and streamlined software development

Git-based Source Control in Superblocks empowers stakeholders across your organization through a simplified software development workflow.

  • CTOs & Engineering Leaders can ensure standardization with existing software development practices to maintain audibility and compliance
  • Developers collaborate seamlessly on branches to maximize productivity and minimize friction when working on new features in parallel
  • Product managers can test and share feedback using previews, accelerating feedback cycles to increase the quality and utility of internal tools
  • Business users receive highly reliable, bug-free tooling to optimize productivity and improve operational efficiency

Get started with Git-based Source Control today

Start managing code changes and seamlessly collaborating with your team. Learn how to get started by reading the docs.

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Anil Beniwal
Chief Technology Officer, Arcadia

"With Superblocks Source Control via GitHub, our developers follow the same development practices in Superblocks that we use for our customer-facing applications. This enables standardization at Arcadia that gives our engineering team the velocity of a low-code platform with the developer process and tooling we need to collaborate and deliver high-quality applications for our business quickly."

Nicole Tremain
Backend Software Developer, Getsafe

"Superblocks Source Control is really the best of both worlds: the ease and speed of low code with the maintainability and transparency of the standard development cycle. It has helped us catch bugs before they get deployed into our internal apps, meaning that we have less downtime. Also, stakeholders love the opportunity to provide feedback on Previews, allowing for fine-tuning and rapid development that they can be confident in."