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Seamlessly migrate

from to Superblocks customers receive free assistance when migrating tasks and views to Superblocks. Keep your mission-critical tools up and running 
by moving to the only low-code platform without limits.

Free migration services

Superblocks will happily help migrate your tasks and views free of charge

Build beautiful user experiences

Drag-and-drop UIs and APIs that extend infinitely with code. No React required.

Trusted by enterprises

Self-host without the overhead, deliver apps at scale, and meet all your security needs

Build tools 10x faster for a fraction of the cost

Quickly build apps, workflows & jobs connected to your data. Secure with granular permissions, SSO, audit logs, and secrets in seconds. Deploy with Git and monitor production. Extend infinitely with JavaScript, React, NodeJS and Python.

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Loved by fast-paced engineering teams

Boyko Karadzhov

Co-Founder & CTO

"Superblocks has quickly become the internal tooling backbone for our engineering team, replacing postman processes and enabling our Support team to manage customer requests for thousands of customers efficiently."


Arsalan Siddiqui

Director of Engineering

"Superblocks is ideal for Fintech companies where KYC, fraud and risk are critical tooling areas that evolve weekly. The on-prem agent is a unique low-overhead solution to keep our customer data within our VPC."


Ofer Herman

Co-Founder & CTO

"As CTO of a high growth operationally intensive business, we chose Superblocks because it was simple to deploy, billed by usage and intuitive for our engineering teams to build a suite of tooling for our global partner network."


Apoorva Mehta


"Superblocks gives engineering teams wings! Teams can focus on things that require their unique expertise while letting Superblocks handle the rest. It's an excellent tool especially for operationally intensive businesses where efficiency is paramount."


Jeff Lawson

Co-Founder & CEO

"Super impressed by Superblocks approach to supercharging developers who build internal tools!"


Marius Simon

Co-Founder & CTO

"Look. We are spending tons of €€€ on Zapier and such since day 1, but Superblocks here is already a complete game changer for us."


Avlok Kohli


"Superblocks enables backend developers to write custom frontends without learning React, HTML and CSS. Startups who build on Superblocks can reallocate much of their internal engineering time to revenue-generating products, forming a real competitive advantage where speed is everything."


Nima Gardideh


"Superblocks replaced Retool, Mode Analytics and Google Cloud Scheduler all while saving us money. Consolidating our tooling in one place has been a game-changer for engineering productivity."


Rishub Kumar

Internal Tools Lead

"Superblocks has saved us 100s of engineering hours on internal tools and reduced support ticket resolution time by 50%."


Ben Asheesh

Co-Founder & CTO

"As an insurance business, we rely heavily on Superblocks to build mission-critical internal tooling and save time twice – up front in less engineering effort and continuously through increased Support Agent productivity."


Ryan Fox

VP Engineering

"Superblocks saves Super developers significant time building custom internal tools to support engineering and operations team productivity, allowing us to focus on core logic and scaling our business."


James Tamplin

Co-Founder & CEO

"Developer hours are one of your most precious resources. Firebase saved you from coding a backend. Superblocks is an equally huge unlock allowing developers to save and reallocate their time away from internal tools and towards making your external core product amazing.


Rubab Uddin

Customer Engineering Lead

“We built apps on Superblocks for Support teams to troubleshoot our enterprise AI platform without involving Engineering. As a result, we can resolve customer issues faster, increase adoption, and deliver a superior chatbot experience.”


Luke Bogus

Head of Product

"Traditionally, setting up per-study instances of trials can take Clinical Research Organizations 15+ weeks. By combining our in-house technology with internal tooling powered by Superblocks, we’re able to reduce that to less than 5 weeks."


Steve Kania

SVP of Product & Engineering

“With Superblocks, we quickly built business critical tools to enable our front-line operations teams to handle billing inquiries and onboard hospitals 70% faster, while keeping Engineering focused on building our core product.”


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