Developers use the Superblocks low-code platform to rapidly build apps for customer operations. Scale to new products & markets while delivering a superior customer experience.

Launch 10x faster

Rapidly design, build, and launch internal apps months faster than developing from scratch.

Democratize development

Enable technical teams to build applications without frontend or infra expertise.

Boost operational efficiency

Optimize support and operations processes with tools tailored to your ideal workflow.

Productionize AI

Empower employees with generative AI apps, integrated with any LLM or vector database.

Enterprise Platform

One application platform serving Developers, IT and Business Teams

The Superblocks enterprise low-code platform brings together IT, Security, Developers and Business Teams so you can serve customers better, faster and cheaper.

  • Customers receive superior experiences driving revenue growth and retention

    • Customer Portals
    • Embedded Screens
    • Analytics
  • Business teams use apps to serve customers better, faster & cheaper

    • 99.99% Uptime
    • In-App Tutorials
    • In-App Feedback
    • User Analytics
    • Blazing Fast Performance
    • AI Assistants
  • Developers deliver applications 10x faster without frontend expertise

    • UI Component Library
    • Powerful Layouts
    • Standardized Design System
    • Custom JS/Python Code
    • Custom React Components
  • Developers securely read/write to 100s of databases, APIs and LLMs

    • REST APIs
    • GraphQL APIs Screens
    • LLMs
    • SQL Databases
    • Object Stores
    • Event Streaming APIs
    • Data Caching
    • Data Warehouses
    • SaaS Vendors
  • IT Teams configure enterprise governance & compliance in one placeive superior experiences driving revenue growth and retention

    • Programmable RBAC
    • Audit Logging
    • Observability Pipelines
    • SSO
    • SCIM
    • Secrets Management
    • Usage Analytics
    • Multiple Environments
Customer stories

Loved by developers, trusted by enterprises

Enterprises use Superblocks to deliver custom operational software at blazing speed, while meeting increasingly stringent security, compliance, scalability, and uptime requirements.


months eliminated
from roadmap

“Superblocks has quickly become the internal tooling backbone for our engineering team, replacing postman processes and enabling our Support team to manage customer requests for thousands of customers efficiently.”

Boyko Karadzhov

Co-founder & CTO


reduction in customer
support response times

“We built apps on Superblocks for Support teams to troubleshoot our enterprise AI platform without involving Engineering. As a result, we can resolve customer issues faster, increase adoption, and deliver a superior chatbot experience.”

Rubab Uddin

Engineering Lead, Customer Success

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faster clinical
trial setup

“Traditionally, setting up per-study instances of trials can take Clinical Research Organizations 15+ weeks. By combining our in-house technology with internal tooling powered by Superblocks, we’re able to reduce that to less than 5 weeks.”

Luke Bogus

Head of Product

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faster hospital

“With Superblocks, we quickly built business critical tools to enable our front-line operations teams to handle billing inquiries and onboard hospitals 70% faster, while keeping Engineering focused on building our core product.”

Steve Kania

SVP of Product & Engineering

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Use cases

Maximize operational efficiency in your industry and leave DIY behind

Dramatically increase productivity across customer support and operations teams by delivering custom Superblocks applications that fit their unique workflow perfectly.

Consolidate and assess customer data to streamline KYC workflows and maintain AML compliance.

Seamlessly monitor transactions to identify and prevent fraud in real-time, protecting financial assets and mitigating losses.

Review credit applications, loans, reimbursement claims, and transfers to expedite customer access to funds.

Easily spin up new compliant tools to drive business efficiency in the ever-changing regulatory environment.

Consolidate patient records, lab results, scheduling, and more to improve care quality and efficiency.

Automate training, compliance verification, and system access for swift and compliant provider onboarding.

Expedite sample tracking and enforce lab protocols for for safer, more effective research and testing.

Keep patient data in your VPC and granularly control user access to maintain HIPAA compliance at scale.

Track key adoption metrics, automate customer communications, and identify and mitigate churn risk.

Enable operations teams to provision licenses, upgrade accounts, and manage billing information.

Leverage data to prioritize your product roadmap, identify power-users, and operationalize product insights.

Empower customer success to seamlessly manage contacts, explore usage data, submit feature requests, and more.

Combine billing, warehouse, and shipping data to view and manage orders in real-time.

Enable support to easily update account information, provide status updates, and issue refunds or credits.

Empower ops teams to update inventory, automate restocks, estimate lead times, and manage supply chain details.

Tailor shopping experiences with AI-driven recommendations,
run A/B tests, and promote products and campaigns.

Superblocks named G2 Leader in Low-Code Development Platforms

Superblocks is recognized as a Leader by G2 in Low-Code Development Platform with high satisfaction scores and market presence scores.

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