Velocity Global: Leading Employer of Record provider achieves efficiencies in time to market, scale, and cost savings with Superblocks

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July 9, 2024

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EOR provider Velocity Global is leading the future of borderless work by helping organizations onboard global talent in more than 185 countries. The company offers a full spectrum of HR and payroll solutions, including talent acquisition, payroll administration, benefits management, and vacation time oversight, all while ensuring the highest compliance standards and strict adherence to local governmental regulations.

Challenge: Scaling operations from Customer Care to Finance 

Velocity Global set out to build bespoke apps and processes for a highly scalable, durable, and compliant global operation. Time-to-market was a critical factor for the team.

Solution: Superblocks to ship 12 operational apps 3x faster across the globe 

Superblocks was the perfect fit for all of Velocity Global’s requirements. First, Superblocks can connect all of Velocity Global’s existing systems natively and seamlessly. Second, Superblocks enabled developers to deliver between 2-3x faster than DIY without having to know React, HTML and CSS. Third, Superblocks applications could natively integrate with Okta for SSO and SCIM to pull in all the groups across the organization to set granular role-based access control (RBAC). Finally, Superblocks integrates into Velocity’s GitLab repositories but takes care of the deployment pipeline and CI/CD removing the need for any DevOps assistance. 


1. Customer 360

The initial use case Velocity Global set out to build in Superblocks in order to evolve the business to the next level of scale was a tool that centralized any information about their clients. This single pane of glass was needed to break down silos across the global operations team and make critical business information available in one spot so that customers could be served better. The self-serve tasks could be for managing customer accounts, modifying core systems to handle customer requests, or retrieval of information for the customer. All interactions or notes are then maintained in this tool for other teams.

To operate against the detailed complexities and nuances of its international clientele, Velocity Global streamlined the process of gathering and sharing client-specific information across its teams. This data encompasses client preferences, historical context, and existing relationships. It also leverages OpenAI for summarization and the information is accessible and actionable for the customer operations team. This enabled the sales, customer success, customer service, and operational teams to enhance their understanding of clients, and elevate the quality of service delivered during each interaction.

After the initial success of the Customer 360 tool, Velocity Global expanded to apps for customer onboarding, managing payroll and invoices, and managing timesheets and PTO. This application is now also used by the legal and finance team for expediting the onboarding process of new clients as well as support clients.


2. Partner 360

Velocity Global offers comprehensive services in 185 countries through effective coordination of responsibilities among their organization, partners, and clients. This flexibility accommodates various country-specific regulations and client preferences. This intricate management is seamlessly handled within Superblocks in their Partner Management Application.

The Partner Management System allows Velocity Global to assign both in-country partners and their responsibilities for each client or employee. This tool also allows the monitoring of activities of partners with external employees assigned to clients. It shows what the state of that employee is at and what the partner needs to be completed next. With all of these actions and information, Velocity Global’s operation teams are able to fully unlock the power of their partner network to better serve clients with special requirements in the countries in which they operate.



Today Superblocks is used extensively by operational and customer-facing team members. Superblocks also has unlocked access to core systems for the accounting, legal, immigration, and financial operations teams to further streamline operational processes. The outcome is a decrease in time and engineering costs to maintain and expand their products and services across more locations.


Superblocks is now central to the communication channels used at Velocity Global. This allows tools and processes built in Superblocks to automatically collect important touch points as well as distribute useful information to customers, external employees, and partners. Superblocks creates a peace of mind of having a full record of all touchpoints with customers in addition to decreasing the amount of manual work gathering and noting information.

Velocity Global also utilizes Superblocks to accelerate their AI and LLM initiatives. With a simplified build and deploy process, their teams are able to rapidly prototype using Anthropic, OpenAI, and VectorDBs within existing systems - leading to faster discovery of truly innovative and practical solutions for AI.

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Siddharth Ram
CTO, Velocity Global

By adopting Superblocks low-code platform, we achieved significant cost savings in development costs in year 1. This was across the delivery of multiple applications where we also observed an improved engineering delivery time. We also saw a +20pts internal NPS increase since adopting Superblocks.

Mina Mungekar
Product Manager, Velocity Global

Superblocks is enabling us to rapidly mature our internal tooling, allowing us to remove risk from spreadsheet-driven operations and legacy apps. The enterprise governance from Superblocks such as Auditing, RBAC, and SCIM provisioning with Okta are critical in enabling us to eliminate shadow IT and ensure compliance as a regulated Employer of Record (EoR).

Siddharth Ram
CTO, Velocity Global

I look frequently at our usage stats and believe we function a lot more efficiently with our apps in Superblocks. Every member of our operations team is in it every single day.

Scott Yu
Senior Engineering Manager, Velocity Global

Superblocks has increased our ability to quickly deliver high-impact internal apps across multiple teams at Velocity Global. In a recent hackathon, a team of 3 developers were able to build a financial tracking dashboard using Snowflake integration in 4 days. The support and responsiveness of the Superblocks team have been absolutely ‘Super’ and any questions we have are answered within minutes

Superblocks Team

Multiple authors

Jul 9, 2024