Streamlining complex business logic with Control Blocks in Superblocks

Shy Ruparel
Developer Evangelist
Eric Anderson
Software Engineer
Thursday, October 19, 2023
1:00pm EDT

Join us for a 25 minute webinar followed by a 5 minute Q&A to learn how to leverage Control Blocks to build robust backend business logic visually in Superblocks with just 1/10th of the code. You’ll learn how to use Control Blocks to eliminate boilerplate logic in code for loops, conditionals, parallelization, error handling, and more, leading to less code, fewer bugs, and lower maintenance costs. 

You’ll also see how you can combine Control Blocks with the vast integrations library and with custom Python and NodeJS code to build any business logic in Superblocks, as well as easily debug, test, and optimize this logic even as complexity increases. 

During the webinar, you'll gain practical insights on building with Control Blocks, such as:

  • Using loops to paginate through API responses 
  • Parallelizing API and database operations for maximal efficiency
  • Identifying, debugging, testing, and handling errors in your business logic

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