Frontend for Airtable

Use Superblocks to create user-friendly dashboards and applications for seamless management of your Airtable data.

Why Superblocks

Why build a frontend for Airtable with Superblocks?

Airtable boasts a host of potential use cases but a limited number of views and native capabilities. Superblocks enables developers to quickly and easily build a powerful and extensible front-end to suit their business needs.

Create fully customized interfaces

Empower your project managers, sales teams, and HR departments with tailored tools and dashboards to support their ability to track and move projects forward.

Leverage generative AI

Help your internal teams become more efficient by leveraging modern AI technologies with the built-in ChatGPT components available in Superblocks.

Develop, iterate, and launch with ease

Enable rapid iteration and development with the powerful Superblocks UI builder and built-in deployment tools - going from concept to live in a fraction of the time.

How to

How to build your frontend for Airtable

Follow a few simple steps to start building our a custom frontend for Airtable with Superblocks:

Connect to Airtable API

Instantly connect to your Airtable API via the ready-to-use Superblocks integration.

Build your UI

Utilize the drag-and-drop components to add tables, charts, and forms to your app and create a fully custom view for your Airtable data.

Join other data sources

Connect to other data sources like MySQL, MongoDB, or Firebase to build a multi-functional and powerful internal app.

Common use cases

Common frontends for Airtable

See examples of how sales, human resources, and project management teams can benefit from Airtable applications using Superblocks.

Sales analytics

Combine all your customer data and insights into a comprehensive view to gain unique insights and streamline sales pipeline management.

Onboarding hub

Expedite onboarding with an interactive app to view and update candidates and new hires.

Project tracking

Reduce project management overhead by building an interactive app to create, update or visualize progress of ongoing initiatives.


Frequently asked questions

What skills do you need to use Airtable in Superblocks?

Superblocks is designed for ease-of-use - with the intuitive App Builder simplifying front-end development, your developers only need to understand how to retrieve and manipulate data from their Airtable databases to start building fully functional dashboards.

How long does it take to learn Superblocks?

After following our 5 min Quickstart Guide to learn key concepts, it typically takes an 1 hour to get comfortable building and 1 day to ship a meaningful first App, Workflow or Scheduled job.

How can Superblocks interact with Airtable?

Superblocks can fetch or update any base, schema, record, comment, users or sharing permission via the API - this allows you to manage anything from your tables to your user access directly from your Superblocks applications and workflows.

Can I integrate Superblocks into existing app?

Yes, you can embed Superblocks into any existing application via simple React and JavaScript SDKs.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Superblocks never stores your data and is SOC 2 Type II Compliant. If you use the cloud version, Superblocks acts as a proxy and all data is encrypted in transit. And for the on-prem agent your data never leaves your network at all to meet more complex compliance requirements. Read our Security Guide here.

Who can benefit from Airtable applications built in Superblocks?

By harnessing Superblocks, your core Airtable users can now collaborate, update, and access data in ways previously impossible with Airtable's default features. This fosters heightened collaboration and productivity across various teams, including end-users in HR, sales, customer service, research, data analysis, marketing, finance, and operations.


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