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Confluent & Superblocks

Harness the power of your data streams to build real-time streaming applications with Superblocks and Confluent.

Build mission-critical tools that deliver real-time insights and unparalleled user experience with Confluent and Superblocks. Innovate faster while enabling any developer to build real-time applications quickly and easily.

Surface real-time insights

Build custom streaming apps on top of your Confluent data, surfacing real-time insights to accelerate decision-making.

Transform data in motion

Consume live updates from Confluent, apply custom logic, and write back to Confluent to drive all your real-time systems.

Integrate with anything

Seamlessly augment Confluent data with other business data from databases, 3rd party apps, and internal APIs.

Maximize ROI of Confluent

Unlock the full potential of your investment in Confluent by making it easy for developer to access and use data in internal tools.

Accelerate innovation

Expand use cases for streaming data rapidly by simplifying streaming app development with Superblocks drag-and-drop UI builder.

Empower developers

Providing developers tools to build streaming apps without expertise, broadening the skillset of developers across organizations.


How to build streaming applications with Superblocks and Confluent Cloud

Learn how to seamlessly connect Superblocks to Confluent Cloud to build real-time streaming applications.

Superblocks partners with Confluent to redefine streaming app development

Superblocks and Confluent are partnering to revolutionize real-time streaming app development, helping maximize ROI of streaming investments and bring real-time insights to business users.
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