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Superblocks is the #1 Retool Alternative

Developers use the Superblocks low-code platform to rapidly build apps for customer operations. Scale to new products & markets while delivering a superior customer experience.

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Why Superblocks

Why are companies choosing Superblocks over Retool?

Simpler & cheaper self-hosting

The Superblocks On-Premise Agent provides security without the increased management costs that come with deploying Retool on-premise.

Industry-leading customer support

Superblocks support is consistently exceptional, with a G2 rating of 9.8/10 for support - #1 among low-code development platforms.

Greater extensibility with code

Superblocks is infinitely extensible using JavaScript, Python, NodeJS, and React. Retool apps are limited to browser-based JavaScript.

Superblocks vs Retool

Why Superblocks is the best alternative to Retool

Lightweight on-prem deployment

No need to manage heavy stateful deployments. Deploy a single stateless image in minutes and seamlessly upgrade with no downtime.

Full extensibility with Python, JavaScript, and React

Use JavaScript, NodeJS, Python, and React to write code within apps and ensure developers are never blocked by platform limitations.

Scalable architecture for premier performance

Run business logic on the server-side that scales elastically with cloud compute. Never rely on browser-based JS for intensive operations.

Build real-time streaming apps

Stream data from Kafka, Kinesis, Confluent, OpenAI, and more to empower internal teams to harness real-time insights.

Production monitoring & observability

Integrate with Datadog, New Relic, Splunk, or others to view metrics, traces, and logs from internal tools within your preferred provider.

Production-grade user experiences

Build web apps with multiple pages, dynamic routing, flexible front-end layouts and automated component resizing.

Best-in-class support

Receive priority engineering support from the #1 rated support team on G2 among low-code development platforms.

G2 Reviews

Reviewers on G2 favor Superblocks over Retool

See the comparison between Superblocks and Retool from reviews on G2 - the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace.

Hear from our customers

"Superblocks has quickly become the internal tooling backbone for our engineering team, replacing postman processes and enabling our Support team to manage customer requests for thousands of customers efficiently."

Boyko Karadzhov
Co-Founder & CTO