Superblocks Named Leader for Low-Code Development Platforms in G2 2024 Spring Reports

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April 5, 2024

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At Superblocks, we're working to build the best low-code development platform for our customers. While we're constantly speaking with customers, we also rely on platforms like G2 for candid feedback across our customer base. G2’s quarterly reports are particularly insightful as they determine which software products lead their respective categories in market presence and customer satisfaction. 

For the Spring ‘24 season, we're ecstatic to announce that we earned 50 badges across the Low-Code Development Platforms, Drag and Drop App Builder, Applications Development Platforms, and Digital Process Automation (DPA) categories.

To us, these badges reflect the consistent effort we’ve put into our product and customer experience. In taking a closer look at the feedback we received, we identified a few key trends that our customers highlighted most about Superblocks. These are areas we're laser-focused on internally, so it's extremely rewarding to see customers recognize the work we're putting in.

Superblocks reduces development costs and expedites time-to-value

We were naturally thrilled to see many of our enterprise customers discuss how Superblocks was allowing them to build applications and deploy workflows in only a fraction of the time it would’ve taken them to do it themselves. It’s great to see our users excited about using our product!

Superblocks support excels at keeping our users unblocked and productive 

Perhaps the most prominent theme throughout reviews was how much customers appreciate the support team here at Superblocks.

Our support team works tirelessly to support our customer base and takes immense pride in providing the best support in the market, so it's amazing to see these efforts recognized across our customer base.

The extensibility of Superblocks apps stands out amongst low-code platforms

We also noticed a lot of excitement from our users about the extensibility of our platform - our users regularly called out how we offer an impressive set of integrations and customization options compared to other products in our space.

In addition to all the encouraging feedback - we’ve received a lot of great input about new features users are interested in seeing, and we’re very excited to bring them to you as we release new features in the coming months! 

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The Superblocks Team

Multiple authors

Dec 13, 2023