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Programmable internal tooling platform for Fintech developers

An IDE to build any internal app, workflow or job. Save precious engineering time on KYC, AML & underwriting tools so you can focus on your next big product launch

Designed for bank-level security

Superblocks is as secure and flexible as building your own internal tools from scratch, designed to meet the most complex compliance requirements.

Integrate any datastore including your KYC, Risk, Underwriting partners

Connect to databases, 3rd party Fintech apps, internal APIs via REST, GraphQL or gRPC. Join and transform data in one place

SaaS Customer 360
Financial Risk, Credit & KYC
Table Component
Display data in columns with rich formatting options for dates, currencies, numbers, pills and conditional coloring. Choose client or server-side pagination and take action with inline buttons
Grid Component
Repeat a group of components to build a search results page, list of orders or gallery of images. Grids make these interfaces effortless.
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